Buying playset equipment or a swing set is a hard task. You have to go through countless options and select the right playset for your child’s age, location (indoor or outdoor), material, etc.  And you have to do it before even going through the many confusing reviews.

What you’re not going to find on this website are cheap swingsets or playsets, the kind that makes you read the return policy right after you pull them out of the box.

Take a look at this beauty, for example,  the wooden hanging swing set. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be well made and in kinda reminds me of my childhood.

Playset Zone Chilld On Swing Set

…In a Hurry?

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Playsets are outdoor structures designed for children to play and exercise on. They usually incorporate swings, slides, houses (enclosures) and climbing surfaces that are built for specific age groups and incorporate safety features as well.

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Backyard playground equipment can be purchased separately or as an add-on for specific playsets. Some examples are swings, monkey bars, climbers, tetherballs, teeter totters and more.

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swing sets

There are  many types of swing sets such as swing sets that are part of a playset, saucer swing sets, tree swing sets, tent swing sets, toddler swing sets, web tree swing sets and they all add hours of fun for you and your little ones.

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Indoor playsets can be used inside the house. They are smaller that the outdoor playsets but they can pack as much fun as their outdoor counterparts and provide activities and entertainment for cold and rainy days. They can take the shape of a standalone indoor playset, playbeds or even whole playrooms.

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Playhouses are miniature structures that have shapes similar to real buildings and are meant for children to enjoy and play-pretend with. There is a variety of models that can be used both indoors and outdoors and a lot of them are big enough for children to walk inside and enjoy the various fun features offered.

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Best Playsets For The Money – See Our Top 5 From Each Category

Due to increased demand and supply issues, among others, a lot of the playsets may not be available at this time. One workaround is to take a look at the playset bestsellers list and check availability based on that list

We put together a list of the top rated playset equipment from each category and different brands to make the buying process easier for you. 

We’ll make it easy for you, just decide on the where you want to use the playset (indoor or outdoor) and the features you desire it to have and we will give you a hand-picked selection of the best rated equipment.

So, sit down, grab a coffee or soda, and enjoy going through our countless hours of research in mere minutes.

child swing set

#1 The Best Playset

Lifetime Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset

This sturdy, all-weather and UV resistant playset is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. It accomodates up to 10 children and has a generous 5-year limited warranty. An extensive number of features and a solid design is what makes it the best playset for the money:

  • swing set
  • slide
  • climbing wall
  • trapeze
  • monkey bars and more

Lifetime Deluxe Playset

Pros Cons
Full featured, sturdy playset Assembly takes a while, but it is well documented
5 years limited warranty


How long does it take to assemble it?

If you follow the instructions, it should take you 1-2 days, depending on the number of people working on it. Some of the parts are heavy/big, so make sure that you follow safety and lifting instructions.

How heavy is it?

It usually comes in 3 boxes and it weighs 500 lbs, which is a reasonable weight for its size and capacity.


Overall Impression

The Lifetime Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset is a good investment that will give you and your children years of fun. It is a good idea to plan the assembly before receiving it. It needs a safety zone of approximately 33ft x 33ft, so you need to clear an area of that size in your backyard to make room for it. The boxes it comes in are heavy, but most buyers report getting help from the delivery company to move them in the desired location.

#2 The Best Backyard & playground equipment

Backyard Discovery Tucson Playset

The Backyard Discovery Tucson Playset is made from stained cedar wood, and it is a very good choice for smaller backyards. Cedar wood is a dense wood that is naturally resistant to insects and decay. Its higher density means that it is also sturdier than other types of wood.

The playset features a 8′ slide, a covered deck, climbing wall, picnic table and more.

backyard discovery tucson

Pros Cons
Perfect for smaller yards Curbside delivery, you will have to move the boxes from there
Sturdy cedar wood playset


How long does it take to assemble it?

Between 6 and 8 hours, for two adults.

How heavy is it?

It weighs 204 lbs, which is lighter than many other similar playsets.


Overall Impression

The playset is designed for children between 36 months and 11 years old. The maximum weight it accommodates is 960lbs, so the fun can be shared with others.

It is recommended for sealant to be applied to the cedar wood occasionally to ensure maximum resistance to changing temperatures and weather exposure.

#3 The Best swingset


This awesome swing set is made of galvanized steel that is powder coated to prevent rust and make it weather-resistant. It is low maintenance, lead-free, has no hard edges and has soft rubber grips on the swings.

lifetime swingset with slide

Pros Cons
Sturdy & Durable Might be too high for toddlers
Easy assembly with clear instructions


How long does it take to assemble it?

Assembly is a lot faster than other playsets and it usually takes 3-4 hours.

How heavy is it?

It usually comes in 3 boxes and it weighs 443 lb.


Overall Impression

This top rated swing set holds up to 640 lbs, with a 150lbs maximum weight for each swing. It is easy to assemble and provides long-lasting fun to children, from toddlers to teenagers.


#4 The Best Indoor Playset

Step2 CHARMING Cottage 

A cottage themed indoor playhouse, the Step 2 Charming Cottage has a lot of working features, such as a fireplace with a sitting ledge, a skylight, a sink, etc.

This playhouse can be used both indoors and outdoors and will give your little one hours of fun and many, many stories to tell.

The playhouse also has a small storage place and can be used by your little one together with a friend.


step 2 charming cottage


Pros Cons
Working features, such as a doorbell and more A little on the pricey side, but well worth it, according to buyers
Outdoor Tabletop


How long does it take to assemble it?

Buyers report that it took 2 people less than an hour to assemble it. Assembly is easy, there are not too many parts and the instructions are clear.

What is the recommended age range?

The storybook cottage is best suited for children between 18 months and 4 years old.


Overall Impression

The Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage can be the center of attraction for your little ones and hold them busy for extended periods. The house is very sturdy, long-lasting and, if it does get damaged, the Step2 website offers replacement parts. The playhouse is very attractively designed and the colors are reported to be bright even after months spent outside in the sun.


#5 The Best Playhouse

Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

This fun playhouse has a kitchenette and a picnic table, among other fun features, such as fireplace, mail slot, phone, door bell, etc.

little tikes playhouse

Pros Cons
Easy to put together Best suited for toddlers
Can be used indoor or outdoor


How long does it take to assemble it?

Assembly is fast, it takes about one hour.

How heavy is it?

The house is light, compared to other indoor playsets, it weight 65lbs.


Overall Impression

The playhouse is sized so it can be easily be used both indoors and outdoors. It provides long-lasting fun for children and encourages imaginative play.

How Playsets & Playgrounds Help Development



From developing fine motor skills to encouraging imaginative play, playsets and playground equipment provide a safe environment for your child to develop useful skills as they grow up.

We encourage supervised and back-and-forth play, especially for outdoor playsets where children should still be watched over for activities such as climbing. Still, it is just another opportunity for you to connect with your child and have fun together in a healthy, relaxing and safe way.

Social Play

Due to their nature, playsets encourage play with other children and help develop social skills, sharing and turn-taking.


Playsets are relaxing and represent a welcome break from mundane activities. They also give the child a chance to engage on mini-explorations of their own.


Playsets help children develop their muscles, agility and fine-motor skills. They also help burn calories that accumulate during the low-movement periods spent in the house or in front of a screen.


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