Best Indoor Playsets For Toddlers

Children are active and full of energy. During summer or in school, burning off all that energy is somewhat easier to do. But during winter or periods when they cannot be outdoors, keeping them busy indoors becomes a hassle. 

Getting the best toys and playset keeps your kids busy when you are working or if you are trying to get a younger child to sleep. When considering an indoor playset for your precious one, there are several options available to choose from. Depending on your taste, the available space, or the age of your child, you could choose slides, bouncing sets, swings, climbers, or a mix of all.

Whether you have an idea of what you want or just seeking inspiration, this review presents to you the best indoor playset for toddlers

Due to increased demand and supply issues, among others, a lot of the indoor playsets may not be available at this time. One workaround is to take a look at the indoor playsets bestsellers list and check availability based on that list.

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Intex Playhouse Jump-O-lene Inflatable Bouncer

Bouncing comes as a thrill for kids and this inflatable bounce house allows them to have that fun in a contained space. The floor is inflated, its walls are inflated with a net high enough to prevent injury. Beautifully colored in red and yellow, this bounce house is ideal for children aged 1-6 years and made of durable acrylic cotton.

Pros Cons
It is inflatable thus, storage is easy and it comes with a repair patch in case of accidental air leaks. It is large and takes a lot of room.
It can also be used outdoors. Deflating it takes time and might be difficult for some people. 

Costzon 4-in-1 Climber and Swing Set

One way you can help your kids channel their outdoor energy when indoors is by installing this 4-in-1 playset. You bring the playground inside with a slide fitted with non-slip steps to help them climb up and three zones on the slide to prevent your kids from sliding off. It also has a bucket swing that gives the fun and does not let your kids fall out. There is an attached basketball hoop and an elephant toss ring on either side for added fun. 

The whole thing can be easily set up without any tools by just fitting the grooves. The overall appearance of this playset is beautiful and is perfect for children aged 2 to 6 years. More than the fun, you can build the motor skills as well as the eye and hand coordination of your little ones.

Pros Cons
Can be used outdoor You may need to reinforce the poles after some time of using it.
Comes in beautiful, bright colors Extra balance is needed during swinging.


ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

Setting these blocks, you can create a climb, crawl, and sliding playset for your toddler. If you seek a playset that improves developmental skills, motor skills, and critical thinking you would love this playset. The set comes with 5 pieces of foam in basic shapes; square, rectangle, triangle cylinder, and semi-circle in beautiful colors. The foams come in unique shapes that can be arranged in several ways.

Pros Cons
Made of quality durable materials, it is also easy to clean It’s a bit too pricey
The beautiful colors of items in this set are a bright addition to the nursery The base can be easily moved causing them to slide apart.


Play Ball Fun Climber with Slide for Toddlers

This Play Ball Fun Climber for toddlers and children 1 to 8 years can be used both as an indoor and an outdoor playset. Three steps lead to a platform that connects to the slide. There are safety rails on the platform to prevent kids from falling off. There is also a tunnel beneath for crawling and non-leak drain that can be filled with either sand, water, or balls for enhanced play. 

As your kids climb, slide, crawl, and play with balls through the passage, they build their motor skills. Depending on what you fill the basin with, it could be used also as an educational piece.

Pros Cons
It comes with 10 play balls. It is not easy to set up.
It is easy to clean. Instructions are not really clear.


Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

The Prince Lionheart Wheely Ladybug is a ride-on toy for your toddler. Ride-on toys are important for helping your kids sit up, developing their core. This one is not battery-powered but allows your kid to navigate using their feet. 

This simple design playset comes in several designs you could choose from; ladybug, bee, cow, hedgehog, mouse, pig, or tiger. It has a comfortable seat made of about a 1-inch durable sponge layer. There are four wheels and a handle for stability and you could choose the size to suit the specific age of your kids. 

Pros Cons
Develops kids’ motor skills and balance and it is ideal for kids aged 12 months to 36 months It skids too fast on hard surfaces which can be dangerous for some children.
Its wheels are multi-directional You need to double-check if the wheels and washers are securely connected.


Hide N Side Crawl Tunnel

Another addition to your indoor playground that can help build the adventurer in your kids is this tunnel. Tunnels are a thrill for kids as they can be used for some games; tag, hide and seek racing, you name it. This beautiful tunnel from Hide N Side comes in bright primary-colored walls with a mesh side for easy supervision. Tunnels can be used alone or with other playsets and this one blends in just fine.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and durable. It is not really balanced and can topple so the mesh side goes to the bottom.
It is large enough for children from 2-6 years. The wire frame would make crawling difficult for children with sensory needs.
It is easy to assemble and easy to store away.


Avenor Toddler Trampoline with Handle

Children never find trampoline an outdated excitement. This trampoline set from Avenor not only thrills kids but offers safety features such as a safety handlebar which your kids can hold on to. It is also padded with foam so you do not have to worry about safety for your little one.  The whole setup weighs just 7.89 kilograms and is sturdy enough to carry up to 220lbs. This trampoline does not take up much space as it is just about 36 inches in diameter and9 inches from the floor.

Pros Cons
Improves motor skills. Instructions for assembly are not clear.
Enhances balance. It can’t be folded so it has to be completely disassembled for storage.


Langxun 4-in1 Trampoline, Climb, Slide, and Swing

Getting a combo playset is always a plus. This trampoline and swing combo are perfect for children aged 1- 8 years. There is a non-slip step that leads into a rectangular trampoline where the kids could have the option of bouncing or swinging. The trampoline is made of quality and net, jump pad, and springs 

There is also a slide on an adjacent side. The swing could be easily detached and attached when needed or if there is more than one kid on the trampoline. The walls are made of mesh for safety. Every part is easily detachable giving you the option of just the trampoline. 

Pros Cons
It is easy to set up. The durability of the materials used should be improved.
Does not take up much space. The trampoline is too close to the base.


Playz 5pc Kids Playhouse Jungle Gym Ball Pit

Perhaps, you want to add a playset but have just a little space, this 5 piece play tent is the absolute best as it is a combination of tunnels and play pits. It can be easily detached, stored away, and can be used even outdoors. This playset comes with two tunnels, a triangle playhouse, a square playhouse, and a pit that can be arranged in several ways. 

This is perfect for building the adventure spirit in your kid. There is a basketball hoop in the playpit for added fun. The tunnels and the playhouse or castle come with a mesh side for toddler safety. 

Pros Cons
It is lightweight and durable. The wire frames could stick out becoming a hazard.
Any component can be used alone or in any arrangement to save space. Folding back for storage is not easy.


Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym Playset

This playset combines the fun of climbing, sliding, tossing, and a play pit. This set is perfect for children aged 1-3 years and is made of nylon and plastic for easy cleaning. The pits are large enough to hold a child and 50 balls with sturdy frames and beautiful colors.

There are two bright steps with handles that lead to the slide. There are also bars for climbing and baskets to hold unused balls. 

Pros Cons
Comes with 50 free balls Set up is somewhat difficult
The pit fabric can be changed and customized . Some kits were missing parts

What to consider when choosing a playset for toddlers

There are several options for the playset. Deciding on the best for your kids is important. For toddlers, who are quite younger and selecting the perfect indoor playset for them requires a more careful method. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best indoor playset for toddlers.

  • The chosen playset should be free of sharp objects or parts .
  • Setting up should be easy and fun
  • Select playsets with beautiful and appealing colors to the toddler.
  • If you have a small space, you could choose to play sets with multiple interchangeable play parts.
  • Choosing play sets that allow easy supervision helps to assure kids’ safety.


Toddlers have energy and you can help them channel their energy to productive means for their development. The perfect playset helps build the necessary developmental skills in your child in a fun way while keeping them busy. 

All the playsets reviewed in this article are beautiful and would be perfect for your toddler. While they are engaged, remember to keep an eye on them ensuring they are always safe.